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*Remote & In Person Scheduling Available*

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Do you feel lost or stuck?

Can you see that you have something special about you but can't seem to get quite a handle on it? 


Are you having unusual experiences that you don't know who or what to ask about?


Are you or a loved one approaching the end-of-life and feel like you could use some support with this sacred time?


Although there are many tools out there that can help, the tools used in shamanic energy healing can identify the foundational causes to emotional issues and undesired behavior patterns. When these tools are used by a knowledgeable and certified practitioner, you can release the heavy anchors that are holding you back from creating your ideal reality.


My name is Joelle, I am a professional intuitive and energy facilitator.   The real service I provide is that I help to facilitate the healing path meant for you.  I help you find those anchors and help you free yourself from their restraint.  I can teach you tools in mindfulness, emotional awareness, mythical and practical methods in helping you reacquaint yourself with who you truly are.  I can aid in facilitating a connection with those on the "other side" that want only to help you evolve into the highest version of yourself. Your spiritual guiding team, your guardian angels, even passed on loved ones.  


I know it seems a little scary or weird to consider energy healing or a psychic for guidance on "real world" issues in your life. The truth is that there are a lot people out there wanting to take advantage of someone at their most vulnerable.When working with me, you learn to discern the difference between the charlatan and the genuine healer. My goal is to not only help you find your healing path, but also to help show you that this form of therapy and consult is effective and genuine, not evil as some would have you believe.  These methods are merely tools that I have learned to use, and any malicious intent is only in the heart of the one who wields the tool.  



Full Energy Healing  2 hour session. $185

We work together to identify unwanted behaviors, emotions, thought patterns or self limiting beliefs that you feel ready to release.  You will receive an energetic clearing of blockages detected and a "tune up" of your energy system.  A guided meditation, sound healing, color therapy are included in this package.  If necessary, a soul retrieval will be performed as well.   We will close out the session with some intuitive counsel during your debriefing to answer questions and discuss your session.

End-of-Life Counsel & Support  $1350 for up to 30 hours of service and support, as needed, payment  options available, deposit may apply.

Receive counsel and support in facilitating conversations that allow closure for you and your loved ones.  If you or your loved one is approaching the time of transition, this support is facilitated in person or remotely.  This service is provided prior to transition, during and following transition, and could last several days to weeks or months.

Chakra Healing & Calibration 1 hour session $95

Receive a general cleansing and adjustment of your aura and light body.  All primary chakras will be cleared and calibrated for proper functioning.

Reiki Healing  1 hour session $95

Receive Reiki healing anywhere it may be needed.  This type of energy healing is excellent for physical healing, and for overall emotional healing, especially if it is not desired to do any deep dives into any truamas or patterns.

Hypnotherapy  Up to 2 hours; $185

Help yourself work through phobias, prepare for a big performance, work though PTSD and traumatic events, and many other things through this very grounded and pragmatic approach to working with your subconscious. 

 Cleanse & Blessing Bundle of home, business or land  $600

Increase the influx of customers or help your home feel more welcoming with a energy cleansing of your space.   Help to ease any unusual occurrences you may experience in your space or property. Price includes cost of materials and travel expenses within 3 hours of travel, one way.   

Space Cleansing  $450

Have your home, business or property cleansed of any undesirable energies and experiences.  Maybe you want you sell your home or business has slumped for a few months.  It is always a great idea to clear the energies of that space to help it sell quickly. Do you get spooky feelings in the dark corners of your home sometimes?  Maybe it is time to have the home cleared so that you can relax and re-charge instead of sitting fearful anxiety in the place where you are supposed to find respite.

Blessings $350

A ceremonial prayer bundle blessing can be done for any reason.  A new home, start of new job, the birth of a child...any type of transition where a "new beginning" is occurring is a perfect opportunity to bless the occasion with good intentions through a symbolic ceremony. 

Intuitive Session $50-$200, depending on length of time

 Experience intuitively guided conversation, connect with spirit in a way that is safe and gentle in the counsel you seek.  Joelle will channel in information based on your questions to help you gain clarity and insight on your situation.




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Email me at or call me at 336-207-9974

Find me on InstaGram @phoenixmoonrising224

        YouTube Channel @PhoenixMoonRising!

         Facebook Page PhoenixMoonRising Intuitive Services


Services can be received by appointment in person at 

Zenciety Holistic Boutique

29 West Front Lillington, NC 27546

919-579-4217 (shop)

Deposit required to secure appointment date and time, non-refundable for no-call/no-shows. 

**I am not a licensed medical professional, and all healing work done is supplemental to any medical care you may be receiving. 

** All sessions are private and confidential.  I do not share personal information at anytime, for any reason without expressed written permission.

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