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Who I am

 I'm so honored that you are here. Allow me to introduce myself. In my many years on this planet, I have done many things, and then there many things I have yet to accomplish. So far, I married, brought three beautiful souls into the world and have been doing my best to navigate this existence in grace.  Yes I have stumbled, I have endured traumas and nearly had a emotional breakdown a few times.  In November of 2019, something profoundly changed within me and now I see the world with a fresh set of eyes and an open heart. I see it in its truth, beyond the veil and through the illusions.  I'm just a regular human being, but I am also a powerful spiritual activator. While I'm still on my own journey and continue to grow, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Offering you a helping hand,  I help you claim your own power to support yourself, no matter what life seems to throw at you. We all need validation and guidance in many forms.  I'm here to help you see the validation that is all around you.  The coincidences and weird dreams, the feelings that your passed on loved ones are somehow near, those odd little happenings that give you that tingling feeling that some how, a higher power is at work. I help you to steady the mirror as you look at yourself.  Deeply peering into your soul so that you can emerge confident in your own truth and spirit.  We are all human and spirit, and it is so important to honorably nurture both.  If you let me, I can help you do that.

Shamanism, energy work and tarot.  But Why? 


Everything in existence is made of energy.  There are atoms that make all the forms of matter that we see, the  sunlight that we bathe in, Mother Earth and her electromagnetic field are all energy. We generate electrical impulses through our central nervous system.  All forms of energy have a "spiritual"  element behind the physical drivers that we observe in the "real" world.  Energy work, whether it be shamanism, reiki or divination, deals with the energetic aspects of all things.  In people, our major energetic body has what we commonly call "chakras."  The tools I use through these different methods allow me to help work with a person's energy body and connect with Spirit for guidance and clarity on issues that are ready to be released from a person. 



 What is Shamanism? 


There are many different definitions of shamanism. Some consider it a religion, while others dismiss is as ignorant practices of our ancestors that didn't know any better.   Shamanism is not a religion but a practice, that can be modified and adapted to one's own religious affinities through incorporating the honoring of the Earth and her cycles, the realm of Spirit, and acknowledging the many different facets of the Source of All That Is.  Those facets include the laws of nature, physics, mathematics, astronomy and astrology, and the many, many relationships that we as humans have with each other and our external environment, but most importantly, ourself.  


     As a shaman and energy worker, I work to maintain my connection with not only my physical environment, but the energies of that which we can not explain.  Sometimes, those things appear to us to be scary or evil, but I have learned through my experiences and training, that most often, things only appear evil through our filters of fear and distrust that we have built into our psyche as a form of protection.  This instinctual behavior, while maybe keeping you "safe," actually opens the channels for our luminous body to accumulate heavier energies that wreak havoc on our mental and emotional selves, and eventually lead to physical distress or disease. 


     My mission is to help those that are ready, willing, and able to have the courage to seek the answers to the questions like, "Why am I behaving this way when I know it's not who I truly am?".  I may call myself a "healer" but the true healer is you, my client. I simply help open the door and gracefully, bravely,  help you walk through that door to the path of your own healing from within. 


     I face much criticism and skepticism about what I do and practice.  I often get asked, "Where is Jesus in all your tarot?" or face accusation about the evilness of what I do.  If you are asking yourself this right now, let me help to clear this up.  I serve the Lord and the light, and Jesus has been and is with me every step I have taken up to this point and continues with me every moment.  While I may not be a "church goer" or go to Sunday school, I do worship through my gratitude for the abundance this planet provides.  I honor and work with all ascneded masters, such as Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammad. While I may not put one above another, I do know where I stand in the realm of light and dark, and I assure you that when a true lightworker is serving their God-given mission, they are facing the darkness to shed light upon it.  We learn how to recognize when something is genuinely of the light or not.  Most often, people tend to blame the tool used and not the intentions of the soul who is wielding it.   


     I wake up every morning, gratefully receiving the breath gifted to me in the church of our Mother Earth. I honor all God's beautiful creations, from the dewdrop on a blade of grass in the early morning, to the wasp that found its way into my home.  I honor life in all its forms.  I worship through being authentic and doing my best to stay in the highest of integrity in all the situations I may find myself.  I trust in the Universe and accept that in divine time and order, God's will is above my own.  I try to be less wasteful, less superficial, consume less and honor those who don't agree with what I stand for by remembering their own sovereignty and not succumbing to the feeling of being threatened by another's own perceptions of the world.  Shamanism allows for the freedom to live this way without fear that I am going against a prescribed doctrine that is rigid and narrow in its message. 


     I aim to focus my efforts toward being a light in a world that is seemingly filled with darkness, and I will share that with everyone willing to give it chance to be heard. 

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