Water is a gift to us, and here's why

Beer. Soda pop. Coffee. Liquor. Juices. Teas. All very popular beverages that most of us consume on a daily basis. We often feel like we can't live without our morning coffee or our evening shot of whiskey and coca cola. We are all looking for something in those drinks. Every time we choose our favorite thirst quencher, if it isn't water-it is offering us a false sense of relief. What we think is a sweet release is actually another anchor to which we keep ourselves in the loop of codependency and addition. That self-imposed bondage that we think is our safe haven is actually what is killing us quietly.

Let's take a look at our planet. Earth is a planet of water. While she is rocky, she is mostly water. Albeit, most of that water is salty. Like our tears, she has to be a little salty. Earth is home to all of us, and with that comes a whole lot of negativity. Esoterically, salt is a great substance to use for protection, used in the transmutation of negative energy and works to repel it in many ways. I don't even fully understand how all that works, but I do trust that is does. Mother Earth chose to be the container in which all of us come to grow and learn how to reclaim ourselves as beautiful vibrations of God, and there are many creatures and energies that are here to help us with that. The interesting thing is that we are also beings of water. Roughly 80% of our body is water, much like Earth; yet, we often choose to move away from "healthier choices" such as water to drink because we basically feel like we deserve to drink what we what. And technically, we can.

What I am realizing is it is our decision to drink or not drink water that puts us in specific "timeline" towards what kind of life we live and what kind of health we experience for ourselves. I have often heard many people remark that they keep praying for God to answer their prayers, yet they hear nothing but static. Consider the following notion: In chemistry, water is considered a universal and "perfect" solvent generally speaking. It has a neutral pH and is basically the main building block for every living thing on planet at the molecular level. I am speaking generally here, but you could literally find water almost everywhere. Theories in the evolution of Earth mention the probable notion that water actually came to Earth via comets, and it was from the chaos of the primordial ooze that life sprang from the random chance interactions of various atoms. Now I know there was nothing random about it, but why wouldn't we want to nourish ourselves in the intended manners such that we can more easily maintain our spiritual connection to our maker.

When we choose to hydrate ourselves with nothing but pure old fashioned water, we help our cells stay healthy, we keep our organs functioning better, not to mention we are introducing less toxins and less toxic metabolites that are often the culprits in disrupting our natural biochemical processes. In the realm of DNA replication,for example, the more toxins that are present to interfere with specific pathways can more often than not create pathways leading to cancers and various other shitty diseases. This is because the coding that our DNA provided is mutated and the natural biochemical process is changed and now the code can't repair itself correctly. I'm not saying that by not drinking water you will give yourself cancer, but I am saying that the more things we decide to put in our body that isn't really the best for us, the greater the potential we put ourselves in to create an environment for disease to occur.

In the terms of water being a universal solvent, and us being creatures of water on a planet made mostly of water...I mean, I don't know how much more obvious it can get. By all means, let's all drink what we want, but let us do so in the right energy and let most of what we drink be water. Our divine creator provided us, through his infinite wisdom, a home in Mother Earth Gaia that gives us everything we need to survive. We still haven't fully gotten the message that what we do to our planet is directly reflected in what manifests in the human collective. Disease, famine, extreme weather. all with a quickening frequency. The issue of climate change is not something man made, it is a natural phenomenon that our collectively negligent practices have accelerated. It is much like when a person awakens to Spirit and All That Is. As we become more and more aware of the true nature of existence, that our spiritual well being is not only extremely important to nurture and care for, we it is inextricably and intimately linked to ALL THAT IS, as we are one and one is all, all that is echoes the existence and state of everything else.

Geological records and scientists have been able to prove that the Earth goes through natural cycles of heating and cooling, magnetic pole shifts and reversals, and tectonic activity that is ever changing. On a planetary scale, that is very much like how one person can and will change. View points shift, perceptions change and one evolves to become more and more enlightened with each incarnation and events in each respective life. The times we live in now are a major transition from 3D thinking to 5D loving. Mother Earth started long before us, culminating in energetic shifts felt in 2012. Remember how we all used to think the world was going to blow up or something that year? We had similar thoughts about the year 2000, and in 2020, our world did abruptly stop.

I see a lot of "2's" in all those years, and the number 2 speaks to me of balance, of cross roads, of making choices. As Ramblin Mike would say, "Doing the dance of life." Coming into alignment, new contracts, and finding that one soulmate that you believe completes you. At its most fundamental vibration, at least in my understanding, "2" represents union. Union of mind and spirit. How does one help foster an environment within your body to help aid in re-establishing and maintaining this union? Drink water, among other things.

When we choose to drink something like alcohol or soda, the biochemistry that happens in our body creates a a state of dehydration. The metabolic process of ethanol is not one that can be sustained by the liver, thus we get drunk when we have more than our body can detoxify at any given time. Soda actually has no hydrating effects at all, as thirst quenching as it may be. We are choosing to deprive our bodies of something that helps us create a state of nourishment, not malnourishment. Being in a chronic state of dehydration, even slightly, can affect our ability to concentrate, maintain our endurance and just overall good health. In a nutshell, when we actively choose not to drink water, we are actively choosing to deny our connection with God because we are saying that we prefer the creature comforts of our own entitlements to that of reaching our highest potential.

Don't worry, God and Universe still loves you, and always will. We all come to our own enlightenments in our own time. There is no judgement for which ever way you decide to go. I, for one, believe in being well-informed about what it is I am doing, and when I chose to live a conscious life, it meant that I strive to seek why one thing may be of my highest good and another not. It is a process, best arrived at in divine time and grace. I just feel the need to ask one question to you though: Why would one want to choose detriment to enlightenment. Living in a state of any kind that keeps me separated from God in anyway is now an affront to my soul's evolution. If drinking water means I may help myself in reaching God more directly while also telling my body that I love it enough to choose go ole H2O when I have the opportunity means that I am choosing union over separation. It means I am choosing to find balance, even in my body's chemistry. It means that I am choosing to seek out that soulmate that completes me in every way--myself, who is also a vibration of our divine creator.

Simply choosing to love yourself enough to keep hydrated means you are loving yourself. When you do that, you give yourself permission to seek other ways in doing that as well. In loving yourself, you also love and honor God. By choosing this, you are willing. And being willing is intention's twin sibling. In closing, I say I love you. Thank you for reading all this rambling. I wish you the very best, and I lovingly encourage you to go get a glass of water.

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