Sensationalism, spirituality and the role for discernment.

Has anyone else been feeling this massive amount of intense WTF energy? Even though I truly know this is somehow all serving our highest and best good, and all this is really going to turn out OK, it is proving to be a little difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. COVID and it's drama causing cousin, other wise known as the "vax" are all over the headlines. There is apparent censorship, mis- and disinformation and pretty much overall chaos among the airways these days. I have been hearing and seeing a lot of people starting to really crack under the pressure.

These cracks show themselves in various ways...some people become overly paranoid that the entire world is out to get them while others are drowning in all sorts of social media, news, fake news, or whatever form of entertainment presents itself as a welcome distraction to the crumbling world around us. We don't realize it, but we are just as much a species of pure consumption as we were prior to COVID. Like a plague of locusts, swallowing up any bit of the latest fashionable "whatever" to make us feel like we were somehow important because we own the new iPhone that just released 10 minutes ago.

The "flock" mentality has shown us a lower vibration of what unity consciousness can be and we are paying the price for it. It is divisive, coercive and all around a nasty energy. In the world of "new age spiritualism," there is no difference. There are many of us who are peddling this idea that you must have this crystal, or do this specific meditation, perform this ritual or whatever to elicit some sort of magical manifestation of your deepest desires. There is talk of casting spells, manipulating the law of attraction, or some sales pitch about manifesting wild riches for this low cost of $5000. DON'T fall for that shit.

While I love crystals, and do happen to carry one in my wallet, there appears to me to be a lack of understanding from people as a whole in understanding what the difference is between setting your intentions and blindly following some half-assed recipe because some smooth talking pseudo hippie sold it to you. It's important to educate yourself on what the tools of the trade are, along with the rules of the game before you jump in with both eyes closed. Once you get really knowledgeable about what you're doing, your eyes being open won't even matter, for you will manifest your reality through the very vibrations of your heart and the confident work you move forward in doing to achieve that reality.

It doesn't even have to be the metaphysical stuff---most, if not all, religions, the "American Dream", the assumed path of all graduating high school seniors, parenting...what all these things have in common is that there are groups of people with a mindset that there is only one way to achieve any of these things. Religions package the idea of how you get to Heaven in a carefully laid out set of rules and expectations, that are usually patriarchal in nature and remove the power of the individual by replacing it with the agenda of spreading "the word" through force feeding it to others. The American Dream equates to basically if you work really really hard, you can achieve any and everything you want in life, which we all know is a bit of an inflated statement.

Spirituality can be a mine field for some, especially when you are new to it. Our curiosity turns into naivety and then we get sucked in by some quack that actually does much more harm than good, even without realizing it sometimes. It is so important to find the courage to seek out the people who can help but to learn to trust yourself as well. There is nothing wrong with deciding to follow a certain practice, religion, or whatever, as long as your intentions are set on serving the highest and best good of yourself and all others. The moment something doesn't feel right, or harm is being done to yourself or another, is the moment you drop that shit like a hot potato. True spirituality does not force anyone to prescribe to anything that doesn't feel right with them. This is where humanity has gone seriously awry.

The collective and individual has always pushed its own agenda for the purposes of converting people to its way of thinking. Kind of like when the Europeans found the Americas. The European explorers found the indigenous peoples as an impediment of heathen savages that needed to find their way to Christ by "missionary" work. I can assure you that those men of long ago did no one any favors while they killed one culture in the promotion of their own. And it was the desire for power and control that drove this, not necessarily the desire to simply share the message of how beautiful and healing Christianity has the potential to be. The indigenous people were not totally innocent in the situation either, meaning that there trust given when it probably shouldn't have been, and knee jerk reactions from both parties toward each other.

The point here is that we often allow ourselves to be in such a place of confusion and clouded vision that we can not tell the difference between what is genuinely serving us in a wholesome way and what is rotting us from the inside. It's like mold, we nurture the conditions that are ripe for it to grow, but it usually doesn't grow where it can be readily seen. We often find it much later, after its wreaked havoc in our home or fridge and we discover that whatever it has taken hold of is beyond saving.

Fortunately, no human is ever beyond saving. Especially the ones that operate under veils of secrecy, delusion and misdirection. There are energies and people out there that aim to control everything and everyone, but those souls are also here teaching us something. They are here showing us how to identify the "good" from the "bad", the "light from the dark". When we are taken advantage by some quack only out to get your money in your desperate moment for answers, it is truly because in our seeking for answers, we blinded ourselves to the other's intentions. We have to be able to sharpen our discernment in seeing the true nature of those around us. We must educate ourselves in protecting ourselves, not from big bad threats, but from the all the heavy shit people who don't manage their energy carry around with them.

For those who are out to get us, when we manage our energies, the Universe tends to do its part in helping us to steer clear of those that would teach us a hard lesson. This actually means that we started listening, and when we listen, we naturally sharpen our discernment through practice and diligence, but most of all trust. Trust that the only one steering us in the wrong direction is our ego, and trust that divine will is greater than our own will. It is our ego that feels threatened by another's thoughts, or opinions. It is our ego that reacts to things in a violent, destructive or reclusive way. It is our ego that would cause us to make the decision to usurp the sovereignty of another for our own gains. It is our ego that tries to prove itself the "right one" by screaming that everyone else is wrong.

It is the ego that edges God out. The ego that lets our emotions run the show and develop thoughts, behaviors and actions that would harm oneself or another. The ego is the toddler version of our best self. While a toddler can do some things, there is still guidance needed, and time needed to grow up. We are all in various stages of growing up spiritually. And we must not allow ourselves to get caught up in the sensationalism of what spirituality appears to have become.

There is nothing "new age" about it. With the rise of modern science, we threw away the ways of the medicine person in favor of reason, rationality and logic. While this wasn't all bad, it severed the connection we have with our higher self. If caused us to burn, hang, torture, enslave, and crucify those that would speak their own truth. We were strong in our convictions that anyone who did not conform to the collective as whole or fall in line with what the masses accepted and the authorities said was the "right way", that they either needed to forced to conform, subjugated, or killed.

We see evidence of this in the institution of slavery and human trafficking. The deepest wounds of slavery are evident in the history of the American South. Where slave holders felt it was acceptable to own another human being. The holocaust of Jews and undesirables during World War II, the genocides that have occurred throughout history, shows how willing we are to kill another simply for being different. The crucifixion of Jesus, the stoning of Muhammad, the Salem witch trials...we have a long standing history of killing people, and segregating ourselves for differences that really don't exist. We only perceive that they are there. Very much like how we are allowing all the hype about vaccinations to divide us further.

Our discernment is something that is being pushed aside right now amidst the fear of our own mortality. We are allowing ourselves to become distracted by all the headlines and energies that sew confusion and fear within our minds. When we are doing the work to clear our own fears and manage our emotional energies, we open our connections with our higher self. We trust more and more the nudges within instead of the chaotic mess in our external world. Our eyes, especially our inner eyes begin to notice where it is we are truly hurting each other, and there is something within us that starts saying, "This isn't right."

It's time that we start embracing our spirituality as an essential part of our health and well-being. Be willing to inform yourself, and seek out those who may help to guide you. Yes, I happen to be someone who may be able to help you, but I don't have all the answers and be wary of someone who claims that they do. This blog isn't about me trying to gain you as a client, it's about seriously getting people to be willing to open up to energy work as the means by which we sharpen our discernment. No need to follow a guru, become your own guru. I just hope that as we continue to wake up to the real destructive forces in this world, that stand up and say NO MORE manipulation. No more lies, no more secrets. Then we can shift and return to the beautiful nature of what humanity can be, instead of what it's been forced to be.

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