Mosquitoes, graveyards and duality build the Universe

We visited Pilot mountain as a family not too long ago. It was a family outing that got us outside, unplugged and grounding into Mother Earth together. It was so nice. One of my three kids, who seemed to be taking it all in while on our hike, starting noticing all the trees that were down along the trail. At one point, he referred to what he was seeing as a "tree graveyard" and was asking questions about what would happen to the trees and commenting on all the nasty little bugs that would be holding up in the decay.

I realized that what one sees as a tree graveyard, could be seen as a nursery for all those organisms that we tend associate with putrid decomposition and decay. Pests, vermin like termites, grubs and other undesirables that tend make us cringe. It got me thinking about all the things we label as bad, or unacceptable. Now, in no way do I condone the deliberate and willful mistreatment, degradation, subjugation, abuse or hurt of another human or living creature. But, for all those things that we find as a nuisance, annoying, or somehow a dreg on mother nature--what is the true purpose of those things and how can we show compassion and love towards any of that?

Prior to our little mountain trek, the same son asked me why mosquitoes existed. He proclaimed that they should all die a horrible death and that they served no purpose what so ever. He was apparently suffering from a strategically placed bite that was annoying him at the time. I thought for a minute, actually a few...I mean mosquitoes are hard to love. They are basically harbingers of disease and death. Then, I thought about how mosquito eggs can survive in bleach, turpentine and other toxic chemicals that most other life would die in immediately. They reproduce in it. Wow. Then I also thought about how mosquitoes and their larva provide food for other creatures that aren't viewed so badly, like dragonflies, fish and frogs. Mosquitoes offer a great service to the chain of life and the cyclical nature of things. For Mother Earth, she needs mechanisms to help her manage all the life she sustains, like an immune system of sorts. Like the specialized cells in our immune system, mosquitoes help with an overpopulation of life. As callous as that may seem, I'm simply acknowledging that our human existence is not the top dog and that we are merely part a larger whole.

If we are willing to remove our filters of "good and bad" from what is and just simply acknowledge that everything ever created somehow served a purpose, then we can begin to view things more objectively, without imposing our biases upon it. For example, we are always so quick to condemn the mass murderers and criminals. We readily bring them to justice and either execute them or lock them away, so that we can say we have punished them and all is right with the world. What we, as a collective, have done, is simply label that person and what they did as despicable, which they are, at the 3D level, but from the eagle's perspective, these people have shown us the true dichotomy of humanity, the dualistic nature of who we are. As a collective, we do not accept it, we have disabled our ability to acknowledge that which is deemed undesirable within us because we want everything to be sugarcoated rainbows and unicorns. You can not have the rainbow without the rain though, you can not have the sugar without planting a seed in the dark dirt and allowing the sugarcane to grow. That sugarcane must be tended, nurtured, then harvested. As for unicorns, well, we must be willing to see the magic in what we view as mundane, because it is in the incremental and slow germination that true growth and creation happens.

There is duality in everything, man and woman, light and dark, ketchup and mustard....the list is literally infinite. One place that that we tend to ignore this fact is in our humanness, and we ignore it at the detriment of our own development. If we do somehow recognize a fault within ourselves or someone else, we are usually quicker to condemn it rather than accept it with compassion. I'm not saying that the person who may have wronged you in some way should get away scott free while you are flashing them the peace sign, I'm more talking about how you view them in your heart. Retribution and karma is something best left to the universe, but it is a tall order to say we must be forgiving of those who trespass against us. The key is working on yourself to not come at something or someone with hate or anger in your heart.

The shadow parts of ourselves are the pieces that really show us how to grow and in what direction. Often we tend to run from that which we don't want to see, but there is uncomfortable truth in the shadow. It teaches us, it helps to mold our evolution if we are willing to let it. Be willing to face yourself. Just try to think about things from the opposite side of the spectrum and see what lessons it may teach you. Kind of like when life gives you lemons, how is it that you can make lemonade? Being on a healing journey is something that we are all on, but for those who are not aware of it, we see everything from the perspective of a victim, of injustice, abandonment or humiliation, someone who lacks, or who is not worthy, or maybe they were rejected in some way.

How is it that one can overcome these thought frequencies? You start to ask yourself questions, about why you see yourself as a victim. You ask if keeping that mindset is going to continue to serve you in a way that helps be the person that you desire yourself to be. Most of us want to portray ourselves as good, generous, loving people but who are discerning and capable, yet most of us do not believe that we are that within ourselves. We simply think that if we can get others to believe that then we will believe it. That puts the responsibility on everyone else. You can't control them. The only thing you can control is how you choose to view the world, and that, my friend, is dictated by the thought patterns you keep. If you see yourself as a victim, then you will be. You will always see that everyone is out to get you, the Universe only shits on you and deeper in the abyss of depression and dissatisfaction you go.

Entertain the thought for a moment if you switched the polarity on that way of thinking. I mean, we don't blame a magnet for having opposite polarity, do we? No, we just accept that a magnet is a magnet and opposites attract, and like poles repel. Similarly, if you are willing to accept that sometimes, shit just happens, but you aren't a victim to your circumstance you can step into your own empowerment. You switch the polarity, and the vibration that you tell the universe to one of empowerment instead of victimhood. You search for the lesson in everything, and yeah, sometimes maybe a cigar is just a cigar but there still a message in that. One of acceptance of what is, without having to label it or repel it away.

The Universe has a way of delivering when we let our guard down and just allow. The duality of existence is one that helps to show us the beautiful creation that can come out of death and destruction. The divine feminine may have the ultimate power of creation, but it is the masculine that must have the fortitude and confidence to plant the seed. We can not have one without the other because balance is the ultimate stabilizer of the universe. The duality of our human nature is critical for our growth. The way you find balance within is by going deep into the recesses of you and looking at all those corners you have kept in the dark for so long. That envy, the inadequacy, the powerlessness. When you shed light on those dark things, you start to bring balance within. In doing that, you help stabilize the entire universe, because we are all stardust, and the infinite universe dwells within us and our consciousness is that of ALL that is. We think our fate lies in the external, but it slumbers inside us until we awake to the eternal nature of our soul. The body being just a vessel, will die one day, creating that nursery I mentioned earlier. We are no more a creation of God than the mosquito, both of us serving in our own ways. Like the mosquito who can carry disease but also feeds other life, the "bad" parts of human nature teach us, we just have to be willing to view the lesson and accept it. The more we turn away from it, the harder we swat that mosquito, the only one who gets hurt is you. You only delay the inevitable evolution of your soul. You will get it in this life or the next, but I sure would hate to come back as the hated mosquito being viewed only as something bad instead of as the necessary part of existence that I am.

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