Life is a dance, with you in the lead and Spirit as your partner.

As they usually do, the outings I "force" upon the family always give me good little nuggets of thought that get my wheels turning. As I read the memorial plaque placed at the top of this modest and unique mountain, one phrase stuck out to me as I read it: "'s environment." The statement and plaque was placed with well meaning intentions decades before, going to show there have been plenty of us out there who valued our planet and what she does for us. It is a comforting thought, but somehow, there was, and always has been, an implication that the Earth is something that we can lay claim upon. With a piece of paper, a flag, or fence, we carve out what pieces of land we say belong to us. We do this with all kinds of things, cars, houses, medical histories, even people (through marriage... down kitty.)

The concept of ownership is very old. Likely one of the oldest ever conceived on the planet. From the dark caves of Neanderthal to the land grabs our leading nations have made in Antartica, we lay our claim on things as easily as we breath air. But what is it? Does a piece of paper really give a person ownership over anything? The deed to my house would easily burn away with a single match. This really got me thinking...what does ownership mean? What does it entail? What is it that I own?

Looking at the majestic views atop that mountain gave me some true perspective, especially about where we fall in the grande scheme. Ownership is nothing that is external to us. It is wholly and fully within us, and anything that we want to lay claim on in our external environment is just an extension of our ego trying to proclaim its dominion over everything else. The European "explorers" (more like plunderers), and conquistadors truly perplexed the native peoples of the Americas when they came with their trinkets and shiny coins in attempts to buy the lands. How hubris is that? Not only to arrive in a foreign land, but to make the assumption that the natives hold the same values as you do, and would operate under the same system is so arrogant. The truly sad part is the view that anything or any system different from your's is inferior, and that you must convert everyone to your way actually signals a deep sickness within your soul. When you think about it, this is our history. We have murdered our brethren. raped the land and laid waste to civilizations all because they were different from ours and we wanted more ownership of lands and peoples. We wanted to own more power.

The inadequacies and wounds that were felt within were so deeply sewn that we forgot about compassion, understanding and acceptance. In our ego driven pursuits of global domination, we destroyed everything, including our humanity and are actively continuing to do so. In the hard evolutionary game of survival, we forgot to take ownership of ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, our actions. When we behave in unacceptable ways, we have to learn hard lessons to be reminded that there is another way. God's way, a higher choice. A choice that actually benefits all parties. It's the choice that leads to that feeling of total freedom which stems from unconditional love.

If we are lucky, we have at least one other person in our life that helps us to feel that. We shine our brightest and are uninhibited in that relationship. For some, it's a parent, others it may be a friend or lover. And still for some it may be in the company of themselves and Spirit. No judgement to be pressed upon you that sews a thread of guilt or shame. To be able to speak freely, without fear of those around you rejecting what you say, but honoring it as your viewpoint and not a threat on their's. When you can actually agree to disagree and you're not pissed off about it. I know, that type of feeling seems quite difficult to come by. It isn't easy to just be yourself when we are faced with a world that values superficiality, pretense and would gladly give up sovereignty just to try and feel safe. As long as the package looks goods, everything is fine. No. That is not the way. Authenticity is the only way to go in this case.

One can start by taking ownership of the roles they play in every situation that they have ever experienced. Did I steal that pack of gum when I was eight? Yes, I did. When my dad asked me why, I had no answer for him. I didn't want to own up to the action I had taken. I mean, no one got was just a pack of gum, but in that seemingly innocent act I planted a seed that it is OK to take things that do not belong to me. My dad quickly corrected my way of thinking, but eventually I understood that I had to simply admit that I had chosen to take it. I learned I had to hold myself accountable for my own decision to do something that was unlawful, by ways of man and the universe.

On the journey for one's enlightenment, one must take accountability for every thought, every action. God does not judge you for this. There is actually an immense sense of love, respect and understanding that is reached when one realizes that they played a part in their own story. Nothing is happening to you out of spite or a vengeful karmic wheel. If you cheated on your girlfriend, and then she slashes your tires, it wasn't a crazed ex-girlfriend only, you had a hand in it. But did you ever stop to think why it is you thought it was OK to cheat, or to steal? There are emotional and mental imbalances within all of us stemming from unresolved situations in our early development. We aren't taught to own our emotions, or even be aware of our selves in that way. We are conditioned to repress them, to " buck up" and get on with it for the sake of everyone else. The truth is everyone else wants to remain numb too and they have NO interest in delving into that steaming pile of shit.

This type of conditioning only leads to people living their lives unaware of how their emotions end up controlling every thought and action they make. If one were to begin to probe into why it is they are filled with immense anger when they see a person of another race, or religion, the truth is that they have fear within them about something different about themselves. Ask yourself, when you look at a person of another color, do you see the color first? That is something that has been engrained into a lot of people, on all sides. It's sad and unfortunate, but not hopeless. Though the road may be long, we are shifting toward something much better.

A person who sees the color of skin first sees separation from that other individual. It is not a fellow human being, it is someone inherently different. This is the lie we are taught to believe, and one would easily blame that thought pattern on their upbringing, or things just being that way. They aren't owning the fact that they have been indoctrinated with the lie of racism. They accepted it, live it and live by it. Being unwilling to see that this is a form of conditioning, perpetuated by many and their inability to own their conditioning, one has now continued the cycle.

When we acknowledge our traumas and the origins of our conditioning, we activate within us our intrinsic ownership of the only thing we can truly own--our self. Our physical body, our mental body, our emotional body, and our soul are the only things that truly belong to us. We must take ownership of ourselves. There is a great awakening happening right now on the planet. More and more of us are learning how to take back ownership of ourselves while others dig a deeper hole of resistance because they are not ready to take ownership of their conditioning, their behaviors, and actions.

For those of us that are doing the work, we know the work requires us not to stay in the vibrations of hate, fear, domination or anger. We are here to hold the light, but in order to do that, we had to ready ourselves. We are doing that by owning ourselves in the highest vibrations we can. We make choices that are good for us, that aid in our nourishment in the highest ways. We try to eat well, get some exercise, practice setting healthy boundaries and learn how to love ourselves with some healthy selfishness.We reluctantly but willingly and with discernment begin accepting that something and even some people are just not good for us. We allow them to fall away. When we feel anger, or fear, we acknowledge it, embrace it in a way that allows us to feel it but keep our ego in check so that we don't do things or say things that we would regret. It's a dance, and we finally took the lead.

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