Although there are many tools out there that can help, the tools used in shamanic energy healing and connecting with Spirit can identify the foundational causes to heavy emotional issues and undesired behavior patterns. When these tools are used by a knowledgable and certified practitioner, you can release the heavy anchors that are holding you back from creating your ideal reality.


My name is Joelle, I am a Shamanic Practitioner, certified Reiki Practitioner, and Intuitive Medium.  The real service I provide is that I help to facilitate the healing path meant for you.  I help you find those anchors and then help you free yourself from their restraint.  I teach you tools in mindfulness, emotional awareness, mythical and practical methods in helping you reacquaint yourself with who you truly are.  I help you connect with those on the "other side" that want only to help you evolve into the highest version of yourself. Your spiritual guiding team, your guardian angels, even passed on loved ones.  


I know it seems a little scary or weird to consider energy healing or a psychic for guidance on "real world" issues in your life. The truth is that there are a lot people out there wanting to take advantage of someone at their most vulnerable.  I can help you learn the difference between the charlatan and the genuine healer. My goal is to not only help you find your healing path, but also to help show you that this form of therapy and consult is effective and genuine, not evil as some would have you believe.  These methods are merely tools that I have learned to use, and any malicious intent is only in the heart of the one who wields the tool.  


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Are you lost, struggling to gain clarity in a ever confusing world?  Have you suffered from a loss or ending and can't seem to free yourself from the pain? I help you release the anchors that have kept you from finding the path to your best life. 



Energy Healing  $130.00 per session

We will work together to identify an unwanted behavior, emotion, thought pattern or self limiting belief that you want to free yourself from. This work can be done remotely, so we can do it over a phone call, facetime, or zoom.  You will need to be in a comfortable, quiet place, preferably where you will be uninterrupted.  You will receive an energetic clearing of any blocked chakras and a "tune up" of your energetic body, along with the creation of a custom tailored affirmation.  A short guided meditation will also accompany your journey.  Before we close, an oracle message from your ancestors and supporting guides will be called forth for some supportive guidance in moving forward. This package offers almost every other service I offer combined in a single session. 

Reiki Healing  $88 per session

During this type of session, we will focus on any physical healing that you wish to promote at this time.  You may have an injury, ailment, or chronic issue you wish to support with universal healing energy.  More than one session may be necessary, depending on the matter addressed.  I can perform the channeling on yourself, or even a pet.  

Energetic Cleanse of home or business space. $75 for service plus cost of materials based on square footage of space.   For locations beyond 30 miles of Greensboro, there is an additional $40 travel charge

Blessings  $60 A Prayer bundle blessing can be done for any reason.  A new home, start of new job, the birth of a child...any type of transition where a "new beginning" is occurring is a perfect opportunity to bless the occasion with good intentions through a symbolic ceremony. 

Cleansing and Blessing Bundle  $95 plus cost of materials for cleansing, based on square footage of space to be cleansed.  For locations outside of 30 miles, there is an additional $40 travel charge.

Intuitive Mediumship Session

30 Minute Call: $33

60 Minute Call: $70

90 minute Call: $99

120 Minute Call: $125.00

Intuitive Card Readings 

(Answered via Email within 7 business days)

  1.  One question through email: $20

  2. In Depth look at a situation through email: $40

  3. The Next 12 Months $77 (This spread includes an in-depth look at your next twelve months, in addition to a brief numerology report giving you some insight to your life path, soul, destiny, and karmic numbers.)  

Numerology Report    $25

You will receive insight on four of your most basic and foundational numerological numbers.  There are: your Life Path Number, Soul Number, Destiny and Karmic Numbers. These numbers will tell you about your self, your life's journey, soul's higher learning and purpose, and obstacles that you may face along the way.  All by just doing some math with your name and birthday! 



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                                         Forms of Payment accepted: 

                                           CashApp ~ Venmo ~ Paypal ~ Cards Accepted

                                       Payment due in advance, for confirmation of appointment, full refund                                                          for cancellations at 48 hours prior to scheduled time.  A fee                                                                of 50% of price retained at cancellations less than 24 hours and no shows. 


**My work can be done entirely remotely, as energy knows no bounds.  However, due to the current global situation, COVID-19 protocols are practiced for in-person sessions.

**I am not a licensed medical professional, and all healing work done is supplemental to any medical care you may be receiving. 

** All sessions are private and confidential.  Your information is your's and your's alone.  I do not share personal information at anytime, for any reason.  


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